Plastic And Broken EP

by Ayria

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Noi They fixed this->No favorite track, the stupid script doesn't account for none.
And I have a fav now… I have seen her live a few times, and the energy and talent she actually brings to the stage makes her a true performer. Her albums capture the subtleties though, which is a good thing, because her songs are more than skin deep, and definitely not plastic—polished, yes. I guess you can say they’re deceptively presented with a plastic electro-pop shell hiding carefully crafted music&lyrics. Favorite track: Hunger (DIMENSION FLUX mix).
Ian Underwood
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Ian Underwood Jenn is one of the nicest artists I have ever met, and I love her work! Can't wait until the next full album is out!
Brian Lingard
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Brian Lingard Big fan of Ayria since her debut album Debris.


I'm so excited to release this EP! Happy Valentine's day to my fans! This showcases a taste of the upcoming full CD "Plastic Makes Perfect" set to release this spring. Below is the press release.
Thanks again, for your patience and love!
<3 Jennifer.

We are very excited to share with you today a glimpse into AYRIA's much anticipated new album with this upcoming digital EP “Plastic And Broken” that includes two original tracks, as well as five remixes. “Plastic Makes Perfect” combines a driving bass synth line inspired by older styled EBM, which has also now become part of the AYRIA arsenal of styles, but this time, the bassline is blended thickly with layers of intense and chaotic synths and chanting vocals.

A detonating blend of conflicted influences of both grunge and electro. “Missed The Mark” on the other hand reveals the most pop-oriented side of AYRIA with multi-layerd vocal pre-chorus, a catchy as hell chorus section, and powerful synth leads and instrumentals…The best sad dark pop song ever written by Jennifer Parkin!

The remixers featured on Jenn's new EP release do not only come from some of the big bands in the electro and industrial scene, but are above all, all very meaningful to her personally, being friends or artists she's been touring or working with in the past.

PROJECT PITCHFORK add their unique signature sound to "Missed The Mark", a band AYRIA has already toured with. Sebastian R. Komor who again produced the new AYRIA album transforms "Plastic Makes Perfect" into an impressive massive club assault.

Daniel B. (of PROTHESE, FRONT 242, etc.) returns with a new remix for AYRIA with this moody, textured and minimalistic rework of "Plastic Makes Perfect", a subtle version with an addictive driving urgency behind it that helps diversify the styles on the EP.

UK new talents DIMENSION FLUX will blow you away with their DJ-friendly mix of “Hunger” combining big draggy synth lines and big club beats.

Last but not least, label mates JUNKSISTA created a wonderful electro version of “Missed The Mark” that captures a very cool retro 80’s electro vibe while creatively layering the vocals to achieve a new mood in the song, while finishing up the mix with full out guitar leads for a perfect end to the EP we just want to play again and again…

AYRIA is back – let's celebrate!


released February 14, 2013



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Ayria Toronto, Ontario

Industrial, electro, dance project from Toronto's Jennifer Parkin that combines dark synths and lyrics with in your face dance beats.

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Track Name: Plastic Makes Perfect
Plastic and broken
It even hurts to breathe
But it’s insane to think that no one understands what you need
Tired of being sick
With a virus that rages
Watch as everyone goes away
I hate being so contagious

We are not the same
You are still gutless
And what I hate
Is your plastic mess

I hate that I like you
I hate that I’m like you

Plastic makes perfect
A plastic life you lead
Consume enough to hide the fading hope of shattered dreams
I’m hanging up my dress. I thought you wanted this
Smeared lipstick.
It’s not so pretty when you can see the mess

I’m tired of playing in this house
Please unlock the door, I’ll never get out
You wanted to see the world, my precious girl
But I don’t feel well, I’ve had enough now

We are not the same
You are still gutless
And what I hate
Is your plastic mess

I hate that I like you
I hate that I’m like you
Track Name: Missed The Mark
You’ve got some nerve
Standing here in front of me
Don’t you touch me
Never knew I’d be so easy to dismiss
Don’t take this wrong
But I have nothing left to give
I’m the one obsessing over broken hearts
And what it was I did

Shame on me for not recognizing the
Shame between us would soon drive us apart

Nobody knows me but you saw something
That not even I’ve been able to reach
You’ve made me reserved, afraid to touch
For it might all just go away
And nobody knows me but you took something
That not even I was able to save
You’ve made me reserved, afraid to touch
For it has all just gone away

When I see fire
I have to learn to run away
Instead of reaching in, I burn, I scar
I just can’t help myself
I never learn
I have failed a thousand times
So much I’ve had has been consumed by
The greedy mouths of time

Shame on me for not recognizing the
Shame between us would soon drive us apart