Hearts For Bullets

by Ayria



This is the only site selling digital downloads where the proceeds go directly to the ARTIST (me! Jennifer Parkin of AYRIA!). If you want to read my personal song dissections including my song and lyric inspirations behind the tracks, rare early demo clips, production tid-bits, rare videos, unused lyrics for the CD Hearts For Bulltets, GO HERE:


Here's the more press release write up:
AYRIA's 3rd album "Hearts For Bullets" brings 12 hard hitting, tightly written and well produced tracks which still each manage to present a new style and side to the evolving AYRIA sound. "Hearts For Bullets" was produced in Canada by none other than Sebastian R. Komor (ICON OF COIL, ZOMBIE GIRL, BRUDERSCHAFT, etc.) who has added a lot of depth to this release and a polished sound.

AYRIA hits straight and hard with her sonic approach hanging between minimal electro and forceful EBM while never straying from the extremely feminine image of the project. Extravagant, provocative, bitchy and edgy, She finds her target somewhere between NITZER EBB, M.I.A., MISS KITTIN and LADYTRON.


released September 12, 2008



all rights reserved


Ayria Toronto, Ontario

Industrial, electro, dance project from Toronto's Jennifer Parkin that combines dark synths and lyrics with in your face dance beats.

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Track Name: Bad List
Somehow it feels. I'm getting more frustrated.
With every tongue-tied, wild-eyed, over-rated,
Narcissistic, self-absorbed, spawn, of generation bored.

Want to see you vulnerable,
I am not your equal.
Ruling with an iron fist,
and you are on my bad list.
Routine casualty,
Razor sharp beauty queens.
Bridges built,
bridges burned.
You will get what you deserve.

What did they do?
Made you so awful.
Why do you say,
the stupid things you do?
The ones you've hurt,
I hope they hurt you too.
The things you've done,
will eat away at you.

And now I think, I'm done caring.
Too many mindless, self-obsessed, over-bearing,
Misogynistic, plastic hearts.
Can't wait to see you torn apart.

You've made this list,
you won't be missed.
You'll have to learn,
some things you don't deserve.
Track Name: Insect Calm
I’m withered inside. I’ve never wanted something so blindly.
How does one comprehend dissatisfaction with the unknown.
I’ve been bound too long to this confining shell, like a tiny hell that can’t calm this wrestless mind.
My blood pulses, fuels desire.

I’ve left all behind. These winds have changed and there is no way back.
Why can’t you see this all will fall, this microcosm is not eternal.
My thirst will not subside. I’d rather face the storm and get ripped open wide.
Then my insect eyes will see this wretched world for all it hides.

Insect Calm.
My limbs are numb.
Resistance gone, I’m shedding skin.
To feed and breathe in.

Insect Calm
The fear is gone.
Itching and feeling with my new skin
Inhale this world in.
Track Name: Invisible
I sit next to you
You look the other way
You saw me falter for one second of the day
Why am I so invisible to you?
Sometimes I hate you more than you could ever hate yourself

But I love you would do anything for you
You don’t even see that I’m in pain
Frustration became humiliation
Waiting outside for you in the pouring rain

What’s left of my self worth you crushed it in your hand
Wicked game to torture me because you can
You toy with me then pull back
We’re never synched in time, we blew that
The sad thing I’ve done the same before to someone else

I tried so hard to be someone
I never was nobody
I tried too hard to play this game
I never was the winner
Track Name: Analog Trash
I’ve got a secret
I’ve been watching you
I know you’re damaged
But I still want you
You’re analog trash
When life is digital
But I prefer you
I think you’re beautiful

Pull back realign
We are flawed by design
Unplug just for fun
Stop before we hurt someone
Standard Uniform
Corporate life has gone too far
Excess Commodity
I want you just for me

This little secret
Gives me something to do
My new obsession
To be like you
You’re analog trash
When life is digital
But I prefer this

Come On, It’s not what you think
Come On, Just come away with me
Come On, There’s so much more to this
Come On, That life you will not miss
Track Name: 1000 Transmissions
Just when I think it’s getting better, I relapse back to this place where the scenery has changed and it’s terrifying. How can I go back, when it’s much too late.

Piece by piece, bit by bit, my heart aches and I feel sick. There’s things you say, and things you can’t. Things you threw away and things you want back. The fact that I’ve lost you erases all my sanity. Seriously, how could anyone carry on like this? I’ll never look at things the same because of you. I’ll never get that moment back I shared with you.

It only hurts when I remember. I know you’re trying to make it better.

Bit by bit, my heart breaks. Your voice repeats and I can’t take it anymore. Don’t compromise, save yourself, I’ll always be here. Don’t say goodbye, I’m not through with you. Don’t compromise. Don’t say goodbye. I’ve tried and tried, my head is full of memories and sleepless nights, an endless cycle. I’ve tried and tried but these thoughts just drag me down.

It only hurts when I remember. I know you’re trying to make it better.

I can not steer this ship without you. There’s no light guiding me to shore. I’m just left drowning in these nightmares, where will I go? I don’t know. Let it go. Can’t let you go. Let it go.
Track Name: Suck It Up
When I see you there facing your rival
To everyone it’s clear you’re in denial
And now it’s come to this
I thought it never would
Now I see you here facing your rival
You’re stuck

Elimination time pending survival
When it comes to pricks you take the title
You’ll have to suck it up! Suck it up!
Don’t you look at me I’m not your rival
Just stop!

Faking. You’re faking it.

You find yourself in the same situation
When will you learn to avoid mutilation
You’ve missed again
And there’s no telling when you will
Recover from this one
It’s a big deal
You’re dead inside is a minor understatement
More like guts scraped on the edge of the pavement
Tiny words, tiny thoughts, things that make you fear
You play dead but we know that you’re faking it.
Track Name: Blue Alice
I hope I’m dreaming because this can’t be awake
I hope I’m dead just for my sake
Who knew all this would come from a dirty gun
Son of a Bitch who thought he was a cowboy
The mad hatter Bashes your face again
Look into his eyes to see where evil lives
Bullet through window and down the rabbit hole
This is one f*cked up fairy tale

Hey You! Black and blue
Watch out, you’ll end up like Alice
Hey You! Black and blue
Watch out, don’t end up like Alice

You’ll get what’s coming, you and your children
The wicked witch has OD’ed on pills again
And the Dragon, lights up a cigarette
He’s blowing smoke right into your face again
It’s off with her head
Her snakes are seething
The big bad wolf is rabid and teething
Bullets through windows and down the rabbit hole
This is one f*cked up fairy tale

Little Pig little pig put her down
Slapped around choked and drown